Books I Love and Remember

Books I love and Remember
I bought my first book with my own money when I was six at the Sage store (It was an early Costco type membership store.) on the Gulf Freeway in Houston.  It was Put Me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire. Since it is still in print I must know how to choose them.
In about the fourth Grade I was the first person to get to read a Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle from our school Library. I still love it.
On Vacation in the summer following the fifth grade I read Tolkien’s Hobbit and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the trilogy. I spent way too much time in middle school reading and rereading The Lord of The Rings. (Okay maybe in High School also.)
For Middle School and High School we had a fairly standard classical list of required reading. Among those I remember:
Turn Of the Screw
The Scarlet Letter
Red Badge of Courage
Animal Farm
Of Mice and Men
Robinson Crusoe
Treasure Island
Lost Horizons  (This is still a favorite for a late night read.)
Other Favorites that also made great movies include:
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Count of Monte Cristo
Man in the Iron Mask
The Scarlet Pimpernel
My favorite though is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein because it is such a deep story of the relationship between Creature and Creator which is such a contrast to the B Grade movie character we think of when we think of Frankenstein.
I've been reading

The complete works of Nellie Bly

Spencer's Mountain

Whistling Woman

Moon Fixer

Beloved Women

Winder Hollow

Appalachian Justice

Return to Crutcher Mountain

Hill Country Greed

Easter Bunny Murder

The Girl on the Mountain

Cold Comfort

Midwinter Sun


Return to Widows Hollow

The Law of Be3trayal

The Law of Revenge

The Law of the Dead

Appalachian Daughter

Spit of a Minute

What If it's True




Thunder Hole

Heaven High and Hell Deep

Above All

Mountain Gorrilla

Jonas Jones


Go Set a Watchman

Blind Faith

Granny's Will

Blood Moon Rising

A Broken Lady


Lyra's Oxford

Dawn's Early Light

The Diamond Conspiracy

Steam and Sensibility

Of mice and Mechanics

The Metaphysical Detective

The Alchemical Detective

The Shamanic Detective

The Infernal Detective

The Elemental Detective

Magnificent Devices

A Lady of Integrity

A Gentleman of Means

Devices Brightly Shining

Fields of Air

Curious Case

Tales from the Perilous Realm

The Secret Healer


The Taming of Drew

Boy In Tights, Spies in Disguise

Avenging the Owl

Double Exposure

The Temple of Doubt

The Unhappening of Genesis Lee

Beyond the Red


The Phantom Virus

The Battle of Zombie Hill

The Windup Girl

The Drowned Cities

And of course mysteries by Leslie Meier