Friday, March 15, 2019

Rain Dragon Rescue By Suzanne Selfors

This is the third in this series. I usually go back and read book one but I decided this time to start with the recommended book. The story is told in third person and takes place all in one day. Yes, there is a dragon, actually two dragons. Pearl and Ben who are only ten have to pick up dragon poop. Well, fortunately, they don’t have to pick it up. They have a shovel and can scoop it up but then they are faced with the challenge of what do you do with a bucket full of dragon poop? This is a funny and fun read. It poses the challenging dilemma of what do you do when different adults give you conflicting instructions such as; You absolutely must not go through the portal to the land of imaginary creatures without watching the training video. Vs. You must absolutely go through the portal because the rain dragon is dying.

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