Sunday, September 9, 2018

Solo by Kwame Alexander and The Big Field by Mike Lupica

Solo by Kwame Alexander

Solo is written
As non-rhyming poetry
With rarely more than three to five words
To a line.
After reading for a while
I found myself
Thinking in this way.
It is the story of the confused
Son of an aging rock star.
And maybe both in different ways
Have lost their mojo.
Their music.
Oh by the way son
We forgot to tell you
You’re adopted.
So the quest begins in search
Of birth mom.
Sprinkled throughout are reference
Rock and roll songs and rock and roll history.
Once I connected with the rhythm of the story I enjoyed the read.

The Big Field by Mike Lupica

You won’t be surprised if I tell you this is a baseball story. A lot of people around me love baseball. To me it’s okay.  This is the story of a team in a high school league in Florida. There is a lot of play by play reporting on the games and I found myself enjoying it. There is tension with Dad who was a High School Baseball star but has no interest in his sons rising baseball fame. And of course the story concludes with a three game championship series. It’s the one time his dad gives him batting advice with a signal from the stands. And that signal is to bunt. Really. The story raises questions about the difficulties children and parents often have when it comes to talking to each other.

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