Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fifth Summer Read - The Fifth Wave

The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancy

The Last Star was the recommended book but it was the third and last book in the series that started with The Fifth Wave, so I went and read The Fifth Wave. It is written in first person present. It is definitely more a YA book than a Mid-grade book. It is the dystopian story of an alien invasion that may have already begun unbeknown to us. I found the first half of the book very unsettling. It introduces us to several children and then shows us how their childhood is stripped away from them by these troubled times. And for some, even their very humanity is up for grabs. This is in contrast to our usual Mid-g fair that focuses on youth finding the fullness of their better selves. Shortly after a scene in which a group of them have a rejoicing moment that is described as “we were for a brief time celebrating like children,” they begin to regain themselves. I thought it a good read and if my summer reading list was not so long I would go on to read book two and three. 

I'm now starting A Million Ways Home

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