Saturday, August 30, 2014

If you do the Crime you got to be ready to do the Time

New Grill Assembled
 In this case the crime is sloth and procrastination and the time is three weeks of staycation hard labor.

So let’s start with the brain labor. 

I finished my work on Henry in Stand With Fred Friday. I have continued with work on appendices, back cover and other preparations for publishing. The text has gone to my editing department and the cover is being worked on in the design studio. I also read Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead and The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Then there is self care.

I completed my annual physical and treadmill stress test passing all.

Then there is physical labor.

3700 pounds of river wash rocks
I patched a six by eight foot hole in the basement ceiling, painted the den ceiling and painted a downstairs hallway ceiling. All required because of Neptune’s disfavor of me causing the release of destructive water from my pipes at various occasions over the past few years.

In exterior Neptunal challenges I worked to reroute some storm water that has been causing considerable erosion under the deck. We must await further storms to discover if (a.) the problem is solved or (b.) I have created a new problem.

I assembled the new grill I got for my birthday. I smoked quantities of chicken and pork ribs. 

Storm Water project
I installed an under sink spray bottle holder.

Installed two new smoke alarms.

I moved two yards of mulch and 3700 pounds of river wash rocks, one wheel barrow at a time.

I cleaned and organized the garage which included installing a new shelf and building a box to hold scrap wood.

I took 200 pounds of tree trimmings, one load of garage trash and ten old paint cans to the landfill. I took numerous items from the garage to the Restore.

I sold my Jeep to a high school Junior. It will be his first car.

I bought a new Jeep. (This was the most exhausting thing I did on my staycation.)

I installed a rod under the kitchen sink to hang spray bottles on.

Finally I unhinged the front door, sanded it down, painted it and rehinged it.

I had a great time.

Front door being painted

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A visit to Rosa Parks Elementary

I had a great time at Rosa Parks Elementary in Woodbridge. We were nearing the end of summer school and the kids had a lot of energy. I read some of Henry then I played the game of asking one of the children
to come up. I had a desk and chair as a prop. I say, "So you arrive late and when you get to your desk your already there. At least someone who looks just like you is in your desk and all your classmates think the first child is the real child."

This gets a stronger reaction from boys than girls. I then say the teacher is giving a test and she decides that since they are identical they can work together on one test. All the kids holler. I play with it a little more having great fun.

The teacher had asked me to talk about the importance of checking your work and rewriting. So I had the following sentence on the flip chart:

The boy run really fast across the room, bumping into too chairs then fell flot on the floor buy the teacher?

They immediately catch the grammar, spelling and punctuation problems, though I really push them on 'too'.

We then went through and talked about how to make the sentence stronger. We gave the boy and the teacher names. We replaced 'ran really fast' with sped and replaced 'by the teacher' with at her feet. 

I gave away ten copies of Henry on Fire and gave everyone a friendship bracelet.

They sent me a great stack of thank yous.