Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The New Henry Title Revealed

The Big Reveal. The New Henry Title

Henry and the ShadowMan Band

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Everything started the day the Shadow Man appeared. (If you don’t know, my name is Henry.)
Fred, Jamal and I were in the garage practicing. We have a band. Fred and Jamal are my best friends. Fred lives across the street; he was born in China and has two dads. Jamal was born in Egypt and has been to the pyramids. He lives in the next neighborhood over. We added some friends last year, but Terval moved away and Dante transferred to a magnet school focused on drama.
Anyway back to the band. I joined the school band last winter. I play the drums. Fred and Jamal already played instruments. This summer we went to a two week rock band camp. It was a day camp thing, where you went home every night, but all day you worked on your music. You had to get three songs together for the performance on the last day when your parents came to hear you. We thought we had a gift.
Jamal plays guitar and Fred sings and plays guitar. I play the drums and when I am in the middle of a run I am on Fire. I love a roaring go to town drum solo and I also enjoy the finesse of being a quiet background rhythm. I am in the music. I feel invincible on the drums. (I first found my Fire when I visited Altara. It’s another world.)

So for the rest of the summer we've been pouring everything into our music. We practice most afternoons in my garage. Sometimes I go out by myself in the morning or evenings and play, experimenting with the rudiments. (They are the basic drum routines.) What we wanted most was to play for somebody’s end of summer party. It would be lame if we gave our own party or even if I made my little brother Larry give a party for his friends. We wanted a real gig.


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