Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Last of What I did on my Summer Vacation

Soon I will be getting a reputation for putting all my male house guests to work. I figure they appreciate the opportunity to accomplish a task and be praised for their work. I truly appreciate their help. When My brother Mike came earlier in the summer he and son in law Steve put sun blocking cloth up in the screened in back porch. They did a great job and finished in Time for the scheduled party. I did yard work while they attended to the details of hanging the fabric.

When Patrick my nephew came this summer we cut down trees. He is much stronger and has much great endurance than he had on the previous year. And even though we had a few slips neither nephew nor uncle were hurt and we could look at a great job completed and over three hundred pounds of tree stuff taken to the landfill for recycling.

The land fill pays a private contractor on the back side of the property to take in the yard waste and shred it. Then the private contractor will resell it to county residents for use in their yards as mulch. What a sweet deal.

I had fun working with Patrick. The next day we loaded up the jeep and headed to southern West Virginia for rafting in the new river gorge. We stayed in a cabin at Ace adventures and had a great time.

And yes I am certain my guests 

enjoy being challenged, succeeding and being praised.

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