Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Treasures, Memories and Lessons

I've missed two weeks of blogging. Sorry. I've been on vacation. 
So I am going to wrap up my box blogs

today and then next week start some mandatory back to school blogs, ‘What I did on my summer vacation.’

I really have many boxes and here are two more today. One is an old wooden cigar box that I believe I got from my Pop Pop fifty years ago. The only reason I doubt that memory is that my Pop Pop smoked a pipe and didn't smoke cigars. Among the things in this box are coins, a railroad spike and some locks. The coins range from silver dollars to pesos to some uncirculated sets with Kennedy half dollars. I don’t remember where the railroad spike came from, but I wouldn't admit it if I did. I found it beside the tracks I didn't pull it out. Some of the locks have keys and some don’t. There is also a ball bearing. I once had a ball bearing that was about 21/2 inches in diameter. It was fun to play catch with. Maybe I lost it because it was too big to keep safe in a box.

I have these treasures because my mother did not completely clean out my childhood bedroom until after college so I had a chance to collect these things.

The second box is newer and mostly post college. Yes I still hold on to things. There are several non- working watches. There is an expired long horn credit card, probably my first foray into consumer debt. There are some miscellaneous jewelry like tie clips. And there is that long white knife. When I was 15 I ordered it from the back of a magazine for a few dollars. I had only had it a few days, but my father saw me brandishing it around inappropriately and took it away from me. Having learned my lessons I got it back 35 years later when we were cleaning out my mother’s house after she died.

So maybe my boxes contain memories, treasures and lessons learned and unlearned. 

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