Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On my Summer Vacation I Went to the Beach

One of the best parts of my summer was a week at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. We had not been to the beach for the past two summers so this was a welcomed time. The towns of Maryland and Delaware along coastal highway are each very different. We start with Lewis in the north which has a large historic district and identifies itself as the first town in the first state and head south.

Following Lewis is The Midway which isn’t really a town and is most significant because of its 100+ outlet store.

We visited them on our one cloudy day. Then Rehoboth which has a large retired population and a large gay population. Right next to Rehoboth is Dewey Beach which traditionally has a younger population. Heading south you have a few miles of salt marsh and few houses before you cross the Indian River Bridge. We started going to the shore about 20 years ago and I believe even then they had begun construction on the Indian River Bridge.* I am glad to announce that it is finally finished.

This is followed by Bethany Beach, which is less commercial than Rehoboth and has some lovely homes. Unfortunately Bethany’s major landmark are six or seven ten story brown condo buildings that appear to have been built using an architect who primarily designed condos for a soviet block nation. Then we come to the small town of Fenwick Island which does not appear to be an island and finally ocean city which has a resident population of 15,000 and a summer population that can reach 300,000.

Our condo looks out on the Atlantic. Almost every morning between seven and eight we saw this fox prowling through the dunes. (The fox is a little down and to the right of center.) All I could think was what an interest habitat that is fifty feet wide and maybe ten miles long, also the wonderful way that some wild life has adapted to our encroachment on their habitat. 

*Actual construction on the bridge only started in 2008. Prior to the the 'construction" at the bridge site was to address erosion that threatened to collapse the bridge. 

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