Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Royalty Check Came

How exciting. I got a royalty check yesterday. Well I didn't really get a royalty check. I got a notice that a royalty had been deposited in my designated bank account. I love the feeling. This is maybe the third time I got that notice.

I can't help but think of the scene in the Beatrix Potter movie (Author and Illustrator of Peter Rabbit) when she asks her banker if she might have made enough off of selling her little books to buy a small place of her own.  Her banker informs her that she has more than enough to buy herself a large estate in the country. She ends up buying Hill Top Farm in the lake country. Throughout the years she bought additional land and committed herself to conserving the landscape of the Lake Country of England. Her legacy lives on not only in her wonderful books but also as part of the Lake District National Park.           

I find my fellow authors reluctant to talk about how many books they have sold. I understand. It is a little like asking how much money do you make. I just want an idea of what an average number of sales are. What's an average number for a mystery book or a romance or a middle grade boy fiction?

We all dream of being J K Rowling, Stephen King or Beatrix Potter but in reality we know we are not. We are people who love to write. Love to tell stories. Who love to read and who love to talk about books. We are people with real and virtual shelves full of books.

So my great royalty distribution was for $9.40. About enough to buy a nice potted plant. To date I have sold about 125 copies of Henry on Fire, which is available for Nook or Kindle and available from amazon.com. It will also be available this Saturday at the Garfield High School Craft show in Woodbridge Virginia, where I will be talking about writing, reading, books and especially about Henry.  

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