Saturday, July 28, 2012

Details, Costs and Risks of Entreprenurial Publishing

In preparing for self-publishing I have been spending small amounts of money. I have spent twenty dollars on the one year rights to the domain names for and

Signed up for Createspace  =  Free
Acquired ISBN through Create space = Ten Dollars
The ISBN number is the International Standard Book Number that every book needs to make it onto the market. 

 I contracted with a freelance designer   to design a book cover for the print edition and the e-book edition of my book. That will cost $100.
My brother is very generously doing a line edit of the final copy of my book. I commented the other day that for a shop teacher he has an amazing command of English grammar. He said that you not only have to be able to build the birdhouse you have to be able to write up the instructions of how to build a bird house.  I did not point out that IKEA has instructions for how to build every piece of furniture in a house and they don’t use any words. I am expending much family capital for this and especially for the Ikea remark.

I chose a publishing name. In order to make entrepreneurial books appear old school one usually creates an imprint to identify as the publisher. With the generous approval of my daughter I am going to publish under the name of our future and first grandchild as Bradley Stuart Books. I am earning a great deal of family capital with this unless the book ends up being an embarrassment in which case I am expending capital.
There are numerous more steps before we actually get to publishing and I am expecting the total to be less than a $1000. I am also sure there are many surprises I have not yet imagined.

In entrepreneurial publishing the author assumes all the risks and assumes all marketing responsibilities. I am truly enjoying learning new things and undertaking new adventures. My premiere date is targeted for October.

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