Monday, February 20, 2012

A Palace For Books

Jim Hughs Member and Tour Guide
Today I toured the Library of congress with about fifty member and friends of Trinity. Our host was Jim Hughs and he was ablt ot take us into teh stacks, the Presidents ceremonial office and the members reading room which is reserved exclusivly for members of Congress.

In the stacks the cielings are barely seven feet high.
This building reveals a depth of American culture and values that existed in the late 1800's when it was designed and built. There have been numerous additions since. The building was built in the style of an Italian renaisance palace to show Europe that we were a significant nation. Thus it got tagged a Palace for Books. It is adorned with mosaics, murals and sculptures celebrating not only the images of Greece and Rome but also of western civilazation always returning to the values of books and learning. The great hall is decorated with Bambenie or litle ones which in the Italian style would be shown playing but in America each baby is pictured to represent some form of work. There are artists, pharmicists, hunters etc.

It was a faboulous tour thanks Jim.

What is this Baby doing wiht that Rabbit.

Jim in hte Member's Reading Room.

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  1. I agree it was a very good tour. Amazing building.