Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living Into Water

For lent I suggested people take a word and hold it up before themselves throughout the season.  A word that might challenge, confront and ultimately transform them. When I suggested this at church I had no idea what my word might be. At adult forum I invited people to suggest words for themselves and others. We talked about Lent being a time we are asked to look inward and yet our inward looking word might have outward manifestations. A thankful heart might lead to a thank you note. Our list had over 40 words by the time we were done. Words like diligence and vigilance, introspection, meditation, truth and honesty. I still didn’t hear my word. I suggested people still looking for their word might pray and listen.
That night I woke about 12:30 am. A wind storm raged outside our house. I could see the trees swaying with each gust of wind and occasionally the side of the house would shake from a blast of wind. I opened my Nook and read for about two hours. I finished my book. I rolled over to try and sleep. But still I really wasn’t feeling the sleep. The wind was still raging outside my window.  I thought I should pray for my word now. I listened. I thought maybe my word is written on the wind. I listened.
Water.  My word is water?
That is the wrong type of word. How can I live into water?  I listened more. Still, water.
How can water be my word? How can I spend Lent living into water? How can water transform me? Oh yeah it can. Water transforms people all the time. So this Lent among my other disciplines I am living into water. It was 4:30am the last time I looked at the clock.  

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  1. I think it's good you can give the wind some credit. Finally.

    Water is a very good word.