Monday, March 14, 2011

Life giving, Life renewing, Life saving Water

When I was a child growing up in Texas we didn’t have access to a neighborhood swimming pool. Back then counties didn’t build places like Splashdown or Signal Hill waterpark. There was a pool at the Elks Club but we weren’t members and there was a large public pool the next town over but we would only go over there on rare occasions.
These were the days when the ‘Slip and Slide’ and the ‘Water Wiggle’ were invented. But even those were a little upscale for our neighborhood. Our favorite way to cool down was to play in the sprinkler. At some point we would decide we had had enough heat and everyone would run home, put on their swim suit and return for the water play. In contrast to the day the water was cool, refreshing and renewing our bodies and refreshing our spirits.
Today in Japan they work vigorously to pump enough water to cool the reactors and prevent a further meltdown. This disaster that was brought on by the tsunami, a giant wave of water, will continue to grow in magnitude unless more water can be pumped in to cool the reactors and keep the radioactive rods submerged.  
Life giving, life renewing, life saving water.

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